Air quality monitoring

Since 2006, Slovenské elektrárne provides for continual monitoring of air quality in the surroundings of Nováky Power Plant and Vojany Power Plant. Automatic monitoring stations (AMS) in municipality Oslany (region Nováky) and municipality Leles (region Vojany) permanently monitor the values of PM10 (dust particles), SO2 and NOX.

The measured values have been continually provided to the relevant district offices in Prievidza, Michalovce and to the Slovak Environmental Inspection in Košice and the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute in Bratislava. The measured values are below the limit values in respect of human health protection and critical levels in relation to vegetation protection.

The results of continual air quality monitoring around thermal power plants between are depicted in the following charts.

Oslany Automatic Monitoring Station (μg.m-3)
Leles Automatic Monitoring Station (μg.m-3)