Energoland opened by Slovenské elektrárne

Energoland opened by Slovenské elektrárne
A unique guide through the energy world in Mochovce is full of the state of the art technologies.

Slovenské elektrárne, an Enel Group company, opened today Energoland, an unique information centre situated in front of the main entrance to the Mochovce nuclear power plant. The project is equipped with the state of the art interactive and display technologies providing visitors of all ages with an attractive story of the world of energy since the beginning of the universe creation until the near future.

“Our aim is to explain the origin, generation and use of energy in an attractive and competent way. In a non-biased approach  we also present the pros and cons of all energy resources, so that every visitor can make his own opinion on an ideal energy mix, sustainable for future generations,“ said Michele Bologna, the head of external relations of Slovenské elektrárne.

Energoland offers as many as 33 interactive sections that are guided through by a virtual guide. Right at the beginning, each visitor will become familiar with his/her own energy by the means of the large scale thermal mirror. The exposition further consists of the energy competition in an interactive LED floor. An additional energy can be supplemented by viewing the Energy Odyssey in an unmanned 3D cinema with the capacity of 30 seats. What types of energy were used by the mankind in the past, and how the fear to survive contributed to the population growth on the Earth will be shown to visitors in the section titled the Time Machine. The part of the exposition titled Watts provides visitors with an answer to their question of how much energy is necessary to supply various appliances – from a small bulb up to a space shuttle.

The project designer developed also several interactive thematic games.  In the game called the Electric Grid Operator, a player has to supply electricity for a town avoiding the grid collapse, i.e. the blackout. In addition, the Energopolis is a tactic game aiming at building a town and by constructing power plants there to supply energy necessary for the town every day life. A super motor bike is another attraction by the means of which players can travel into the past. For passing to the next level, they have to answer correctly quiz questions.

A special part of the exposition is devoted to the nuclear energy. The bigger part of is inside a special pressurized inflatable structure – the first of its kind in the world representing the containment, i.e. a protective skin around the nuclear power plant. After climbing the uranium stairs, the visitors will get all important information about functioning of nuclear power plants. Moreover, they can see here ionising radiation inside a cloud chamber or be a reactor operator for a while.

Using their smart phones or tablets, the visitors can enter into the virtual world of the augmented reality and reveal much more about each part of the exhibition.

Slovenské elektrárne has thus introduced its Centre of Excellence where the company can connect the industrial the academic world.