IAEA Governor: Energoland is a 5-star education centre

IAEA Governor: Energoland is a 5-star education centre
Laura Elizabeth Kennedy, U.S. Governor in the Board of Governors of IAEA, visited the information centre at Mochovce NPP

Ms. Laura Elizabeth Kennedythe Governor of the United States of America in the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna and Charge d´Affaires of the Permanent Representation of the U.S.A. at the international organizations in Vienna visited the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant on January 15th, 2015. Goal of her visit held on invitation of Ms. Marta Žiaková, the Chairwoman of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic (also serving as the Chair of the IAEA Board of Governors) was to find out more about the nuclear programme of Slovakia.

After the bilateral meeting with NRA management, the guests came to Mochovce NPP. They visited operated power plant and the information centre Energoland, which the Governor called a "5-star education centre". Ms. Kennedy visited interactive exhibitions installed in the information centre and welcomed that it offers to wide public, and youth especially, possibilities to extend its knowledge in such a top-of-the-art way, and also to understand the wide scope of activities dealing with electricity generation.

Ms. Kennedy also visited the main control room at Mochovce NPP and held discussion with the shift supervisors who informed her about training and preparation methods of primary circuit operators. She also met Mr. Jaroslav Holubec, the Nuclear Operations Manager in Slovenské elektrárne, who presented her the operation and safety indicators of Slovenské elektrárne – according to the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, the four VVER (engl. WWER) units operated by Slovenské elektrárne, an Enel Group company, are in the top five of the total 52 VVER 440 and 1000 type reactors operated worldwide (read more about it in E_Atom).

During the visit of NRA, the guests received information on the state safety supervision of the nuclear installations, nuclear safety after Fukushima, back-end fuel cycle and licensing and construction of Mochovce units 3&4. The Governor was also informed of operation of the Emergency Response Centre of NRA SR. The guests welcomed the possibility to participate in one of the future drills of the NRA Emergency Centre. The Governor was also interested in the potential cooperation with companies from her native country in the nuclear field either in deliveries of nuclear fuel or in construction of a new nuclear source. She also discussed cooperation inside IAEA.

The Board of Governors

It has 35 members and is the IAEA management body in the period between the General Conference meetings. At its meetings, the Board examines and makes recommendations to the General Conference on the IAEA's accounts, programme and budget, and considers applications for membership. It also approves safeguards agreements and the publication of the IAEA's safety standards and has the responsibility of appointing the Director General of the IAEA with the approval of the General Conference. Slovakia was elected to the Board of Governors for the period 2013 – 2015, and Ms. Marta Žiaková, NRA Chair representing Slovakia in the Board, was also elected the Chair of the Board of Governors since September 2014.

Laura E. Kennedy's tweet about her visit to Energoland