Mochovce: A priority for both shareholders

Mochovce: A priority for both shareholders
Mochovce NPP units 3 and 4 must be a priority for everyone, said the Slovak PM. The shareholders shall vote on the budget on 17 October.

Construction completion of units 3 and 4 of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant must be a priority for everyone. The Prime Minister Robert Fico said so on Wednesday, 8 October, at a government meeting in Žilina in reaction to the agenda of the General Meeting of Shareholders of Slovenské elektrárne, a.s. where the shareholders shall vote on the budget for the Mochovce NPP units 3 and 4.

80% of unit 3 is completed

The project director of the Mochovce units construction Giancarlo Aquilanti reported on Tuesday, 7 October, that currently 80% of unit three and 60% of unit four are completed. "Priority of everyone is to complete units three and four at Mochovce. We will therefore wait for the proposal and we will decide accordingly," the Prime Minister of the SR said. The construction site is also important with respect to the employment in the region. There were 5,200 people from 150 contractor companies working at the construction site in the peak times. In total, the number of direct, indirect and induced jobs is estimated to be 9,400. The Slovak companies covered 54% in the construction, the Czech companies took the share of 21% and the Italian ones 10%.

The budget must be approved by both the shareholders

According to Luca D'Agnese, general director of Slovenské elektrárne, further development of the investment in the new nuclear units depends on the approval of the new budget needed to finance the construction. "Without this commitment of the shareholders, continuing is impossible. With its approval, the completion deadline in 2016 is a good estimate," D'Agnese said at a meeting with the journalists who were able to see the progress in the construction for themselves directly at the construction site.

Share on total contracts awarded (%)

According the Prime Minister, discontinuing the construction is inconceivable. "I just cannot imagine that. I believe it is one of the largest investments ever made in the Central Europe in this difficult period. There are an enormous number of people working there. And if we manage to obtain the north-south connection of the high-voltage grids... Today the market is enormous, especially in the Balkans where electricity is needed. Whoever has the electricity production in their own territory will be an extraordinarily strong player in the European area," he highlighted the importance of the largest private investment in Slovakia.