Bid and buy

The sales are carried out through online tenders, which consist of the following steps:

  • tenders for a specific commodity are published on the website, where in case of interest, after clicking on the selected tender, you will receive the Tender Conditions with detailed information on the subject of sale and the tender steps,
  • inspection of the sold goods is allowed in accordance with the Tender Conditions (some commodities also directly in power plants),
  • If you meet the conditions for participation, log in and you can participate,
  • the winner of the competition is the most advantageous offer.

Tender Conditions

The conditions consist of 7 parts:

  1. technical conditions - defined subject of sale,
  2. conditions of participation - information about the security, the date of the inspection, about the contact person for inspections instructions for preparing and submitting a tender,
  3. pokyny na vypracovanie a predloženie ponuky
  4. selection of the most suitable design - defined procedure in the auction, the auction progress,
  5. contract,
  6. confidentiality and protection of personal data,
  7. annexes to the conditions of the competition - application for the auction with a solemn declaration, specification of the subject of sale, sample of the draft purchase contract and other.

Tender Partecipation

The tenders open to legal and natural persons who meet the following conditions:

  1. the participant is not subject to bankruptcy proceedings, is not in bankruptcy, in liquidation, nor has the petition to declare bankruptcy been rejected against the participant due to lack of assets,
  2. the partecipant has no overdue liabilities towards the announcer

and declare on their honor:

  • a declaration by the partecipant on the veracity and completeness of all facts and data stated in the application and in the tender,
  • a declaration by the partecipant that he agrees with the conditions set out in the SE Tender conditions,
  • hat you have read the submitted initial draft of the purchase contract and accepts all its basic contractual conditions. In case of non-acceptance of the draft contract by thepartecipant , the announcer will exclude the partecipant from the tender,
  • that the partecipant is duly acquainted with the technical condition, age and extent of wear and tear of the object of sale, place and method of storage,
  • that the tenderer submits only one bid.

Buyer suspending

Partecipant who are included in the list of Suspended Buyers will not be allowed to participate in the electronic tender. The buyer will be automatically excluded from the sale process.

The Buyer is included in the list of Suspended Buyers if:

  • the buyer violates the Safety and Technical Conditions of Performance,
  • the buyer introduces by his participation in the electronic auction, resp. their activities during the electronic auction,
  • the buyer violates the conditions of participation and the rules of electronic auction,
  • kthe buyer unreasonably / intentionally prolongs the conclusion of the transaction,
  • the buyer repeatedly violates the obligations under the contract.

In case of suspension of the buyer, the company Slovenské elektrárne, a.s. send a notice of suspension to the buyer concerned stating the reason for the suspension.