Energoland exposition comprises of these key infotainment sections

1. Virtual Guide
Introduction to the visitor centre tour with Gaia, the virtual tour Guide.

2. Maps
Map of Slovenske elektrane plants and Enel Group presence in the world.

3. Thermal mirror
Your thermal image in real time.

4. Energorace
Get warmed up in the unbelievable race on an interactive floor.

5. Energotalk
Ask famous people what they think about...

6. Energy Odyssey
Don’t miss a 3D cinema experience – from the Big Bang to the not so distant future.

7. Time machine
How the greatest discoveries influenced population explosion.

8. Energy sources
How natural resources transform to electricity.

9. Watts up
Try how difficult it is to recharge a mobile phone.

10. Energy map
All energy data on one map.

11. Pros and cons
Each source has its pros and cons.

12. Energy mix
Each country has an energy mix according to resources availability.

13. Selfie
Take a selfie and later download it from the photo corner on Energoland.sk

14. Dispatching
Become an electricity dispatch center operator and prevent a blackout in your city.

15. Living with electricity
How things were done without electricity and how easy it is with it.

16. Discovery trip
Travel from the past to the future and test your knowledge.

17. Nanoworld of atoms
Chemistry and physics of atoms in a different way...

Periodic table of elements by radioactivity & Fission reaction test.

18. RGB reactor
Reactor core like nobody can see it.

29. Containment
Who or what can break through this wall?

20. Uranium stairs
Decay chain of uranium by steps.

21. Radioactive waste (RAW)
Is radioactive waste dangerous? And for how long?

  • RAW treatment & disposal.

22. Power plant tour
Go for a power plant virtual tour into areas where you can’t get otherwise.

23. Fuel cycle
How nuclear fuel is produced and what to do with it afterwards.

24. Cherenkov’s pool
Look into the spent fuel pool and see the Cherenkov’s radiation.

25. Control room
Become a nuclear plant operator for a while.

26. Radiation around us
Radiation is all around us. Is it dangerous?

Radioactivity measurement & Annual radioactive dose.

27. Safety
There are answers to your questions here...

28. Carbon load
Every object or activity bears some carbon load.

29. Carbon footprint
Find what your carbon footprint on the planet is.

30. Global warming
Is global warming induced by human activities?

31. Energopolis
Build a city and power plants so that inhabitants were satisfied.

32. Biodiversity
Wildlife around the nuclear power plant.

33. Electrical cabinet
What’s behind electrical cabinet doors?

34. Archefacts
Have a glance to the Mochovce site history.