Heat generation and supplies

Teplovodné potrubie AE Bohunice

A heat market has a specific regional character. Due to the fact that there is not one common nation-wide thermal network, the full market liberalisation, likewise in the case of electricity or gas, is not possible, and in certain areas this is not even suitable. In the Slovak market, there is approximately 330 heat suppliers generated from different types of the primary energy.

Slovenské elektrárne considering its importance belongs to the top ten heat generators and distributors. Heat generation is based on a combine electricity and heat generation from the nuclear fuel, lignite, black coal, biomass and gas. The company has been operating on the market continuously since 1988 by the means of central heat distribution systems both in Trnava and Prievidza. During a year, heat consumers are delivered with approx. 850 GWh of heat. Heat supplies are provided for according to needs and requirements of the customers. It concerns in particular hot water for heating and preparation of the hot utility water for households and non-housing premises, to end-customers and distribution, in addition heat supplies both in the steam for technology. As the heat supplies are of the specific nature, individual approach to every customer is a priority.

Heat is a regulated activity of the Regulation Office for Network Industries, the task of which is to protect the end-customer against misuse of the dominant position of the energy suppliers being in the monopoly position. Slovenské elektrárne supplies heat in line with the legislation, quality standards applicable to heat sale and distribution pursuant to the Price regulation in the heat industry.

According to the Act no. 657/2004 Coll. of Laws on thermal energy, § 25 (5) The Cost of System Operation of Heating Equipment, for the needs of Decree no. 364/2012 Coll. of Laws on Energy Efficiency of Buildings, as a manufacturer and supplier of heat Slovenské elektrárne, a.s. publishes the primary energy factor of its Centralized Heating System, calculated in accordance with Decree no. 308/2016 Coll. of Laws:

Heat supplied from the nuclear facility is ecological and cheapest one, generated by the highly efficient combined electricity and heat generation. Its production is both emissions and greenhouse-gasses free. The Bohunice Nuclear Power Plant (EBO) is one of the few European suppliers of heat generated from nuclear fuel. By building the central heat distribution system for Trnava, Leopoldov, Hlohovec and Jaslovské Bohunice, there were removed all air-polluting sources in this region that participated in heat and hot utility water generation. Heat in the form of the hot utility water is delivered to Trnava by the thermal feeder owned by Trnavská teplárenská.

EBO supplies Hlohovec, Leopoldov and Jaslovské Bohunice municipalities by its own thermal feeder. Specific heat supplies are delivered to end-customers in a reliable manner using the thermal distribution system - to family houses in Jaslovské Bohunice, apartment owners associations, schools, nursery schools, offices, religious authorities, sport and leisure facilities, railways, industrial and production plants in Hlohovec and Leopoldov towns. By the means of distribution companies, heat is supplied to apartment owners associations in Hlohovec and Leopoldov towns. Apart from the own-consumption, the heat is being supplied to important companies within the EBO premises, e.e.g JAVYS both for its heating and technology.

The Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant, units 1&2 (EMO), generate heat by the means of the highly efficient combined electricity and heat generation from the nuclear energy. Generated heat is delivered to important heat customers in the plant premises both for their heating and technological purposes, the EMO own-consumption including own-consumption of Units 3&4 construction completion (MO3&4). In the Units 3&4 premises, the heat is being generated without combined generation by gas boilers for the mentioned construction completion purposes and it is being supplied to customers within MO3&4 area.

The Nováky Power Plant (ENO) generates heat by the means of the combined electricity and heat generation from the domestic brown coal. Heat is being recently generated also from the biomass, a sustainable energy source. Heat is being generated for the own consumption as well as for the thermal feeder to Prievidza town situated 14 km far away from ENO.

In the path from ENO to Prievidza, the power plant supplies heat both to industry clients and end customers and households on the territory of Nováky and Koš municipalities through distribution companies. The thermal feeder ENO- Zemianske Kostoľany supplies heat to Zemianske Kostoľany. Through primary hot-water network and secondary distributors, heat is being supplied to both apartments as well as public and private sector - schools, offices, institutions and others. ENO is specific by its heat supplies in steam for the neighbouring plants technology, e.g. Porfix, Xella and Vojsko Zemianske Kostoľany.

Heat supply from ENO is reliable, smooth and heat generation complies with strict emission limits.

The Vojany Power Plant (EVO) generates heat by the means of the combined electricity and heat generation from the black coal. In addition, heat is being generated also from the biomass, a sustainable energy source. Vojany also provides for the heat generation outside the combined generation using its gas boilers. Apart from the own-consumption, heat is being supplied to one important customer and several smaller customers in EVO.