Public procurement

Procurement of the "above-the-limit" contracts for goods, services and building works related to the power generation is governed by the Act No. 343/2015 Coll. on Public Procurement.

Announcements used in public procurement are published in the Official Journal of the European Union and in the Journal of Public Procurement. These announcements are also available at our web site after their publication in the Official Journal of the European Union and in the Journal of Public Procurement.

The Forms to Public Procurement are available at the right part in the section „Documents“.

Procurement out of the Public Procurement Act

When contracting the delivery of goods, provisioning of services and performance of works related to other purposes than the power generation, or whose estimated value is lower that the financial threshold for the "above-the-limit" contracts pursuant to Act No. 343/2015 Coll. on Public Procurement, Slovenské elektrárne follow its own internal procedures for tenders management, or publish Commercial public tenders by the Commercial Code. Selected tenders and all Commercial public tenders are published at our web-page below.

Tenders in Slovenské elektrárne are carried mainly through electronic systems. There are 2 systems currently in use: Ariba Spend Management (Tender system), managed by ENEL and system PROEBIZ, the most used system in EPH group.


Part of the contracts (agreements/orders) concluded by Slovenské elektrárne are the General Terms and Conditions of SE, a.s. („GTC“).

In case that the contract subject matter are so called general services, the Simplified general terms and conditions of SE („GTCS) may be part of the contract.

Valid text of the GTC and GTCS are available at the right part in the section „Documents“.

Part of the contracts concluded by Slovenské elektrárne within Enel Group are the General Contract Conditions of Enel Group ("GCC"), which consist of the following documents:

  • General part (common terms and conditions for all members of the Enel Group)
  • Annex IX Slovakia (terms and conditions specific to Slovenské elektrárne, a.s.)

Archive of GTC and GCC:

GTC, version 1.2.2013, valid till 30.9.2014

GTC, version 1.10.2014, valid till 30.9.2015

GTC, version 1.10.2015, valid till 30.9.2016

GTCS, version 1.1.2016, valid till 30.9.2016

GCC. 4th edition, 1.10.2014, valid till 30.9.2015

GCC, 5th edition, 1.10.2015, valid till 30.6.2016

GCC, 6th edition, 1.7.2016, valid till 30.9.2016

In case the performance is executed in the premises of SE, a.s., the following technical conditions are part of the contract, depending on the type of the premises in which the performance will be executed:

  • General Technical Terms of Performance in SE, a.s. („GTT“) for plants – apply to the following plants: Jaslovské Bohunice, Mochovce, Nováky, Vojany and Hydroelectric power plants
  • General Technical Terms of Performance in SE, a.s. („GTT“) for headquarters
  • Site Safety and Technical Conditions for MO34 Project („SSTC“) – apply to MO34 Project

Valid text of the GTT and SSTC are available at the right part in the section „Documents“.

Archive of GTT and SSTC:

Plants, version5, 15.7.2013, valid till 31.3.2014

Plants, version6, 1.4.2014, valid till 1.10.2014

Plants, version 7, 1.10.2014, valid till 30.9.2015

Plants, version 8, 1.10.2015, valid till 30.9.2016

MO34, version 7, 15.7.2013, valid till 31.3.2014

MO34, version 8, 1.4.2014, valid till 1.10.2014

MO34, version 9, 1.10.2014, valid till 30.9.2015

MO34, version 10, 1.10.2015, valid till 30.9.2016

Headquarters, version 10, 15.7.2013, valid till 1.10.2014

Headquarters, version 11, 1.10.2014, valid till 30.9.2015

Headquarters, version 12, 1.10.2015, valid till 30.9.2016

The rights and obligations for participants in tenders announced by our Company are defined in General Tender Conditions.

You can apply for the tenders published below in the section "Public procurement" by contacting a responsible buyer.

How to enter a tender

You can apply for the "Procurement out of the Public procurement act" by clicking on the link "Click here" on the column "Send a request".

After submitting your application you will receive the Tender documents or Invitation to the Tender, where you will have to proceed the registration to take part in bidding.


GTC, version 12, 1.4.2016

GTC, version 13, 15.08.2016

GTC, version 14, 25.08.2016

GTC, version 15, 9.11.2016

If you have any questions or problems you can contact the department of Procurement Support (Procurement back office):
P: +421 2 5866 3453
F: +421 2 5866 3151


Procurement under the Act on Public Procurement

Subject of contract Commodity Date of publication Deadline to confirm the interest Príloha

Procurement out of the Act on Public Procurement

Subject of contract Commodity Date of publication Deadline to confirm the interest Príloha Send a request
OVS - 371
IPR EBO 10308 - Zabezpečenie merania koncentrácie H3BO3 v PO v prípade seizmickej udalosti v EBO
Patrik Zvolenský
01.02.2017 05.05.2017 Click here
Oprava strechy strojovne – ENO A v SE-ENO
Mária Hrašnová
10.03.2017 24.03.2017 Click here
Technical inspection, testing and service of electrics fire system including ALVIS upgrade system according to decree no. 726/2002 in the buildings of hydroelectric plant VET
Vladimír Mužík
17.03.2017 03.04.2017 ovs-vyhlasenie-eps.pdf Click here
Purchase and sale of natural uranium in the form of U3O8 in the years 2018 - 2020
Branislav Strýček
17.03.2017 27.03.2017 commercial-public-tender-purchase-and-sale-of-natural-uranium-u3o8-in-the-years-2018-2020.pdf Click here
OVS - 1000080224
Water-installation material
Dana Dančejová
20.03.2017 07.04.2017 ovs-1000080224-vyhlasenie.pdf Click here
Supplies of black energetic coal for the Thermal power plant Vojany in the volume of 3000 t, during the period from 1. 5. 2017 till 31. 5. 2017
Michal Hrapko
21.03.2017 24.03.2017 Click here
Dana Dančejová
21.03.2017 30.03.2017 Click here
Bežná oprava automatiky a príslušenstva turbín TG1 VE Nosice
Andrea Fitošová
Odborné školenia pracovníkov NDT v SE, a.s.
Danica Pozdechová
22.03.2017 24.03.2017 ovs-zmenapodmienokndtskolenia.pdf
OVS - 2017/01238
Common repair of TG 1 cooling circuit Hydro Power Plant Kráľová
Martin Hrnčiar
22.03.2017 29.03.2017 ovs-vyhlasenie-formular-kralova.pdf Click here
OVS - 2017/02800
Repair of fire penetrations in the area of NPP Mochovce 12
Anikó Mojžišová
23.03.2017 29.03.2017 vyhlasenie-ovs.pdf Click here
Revízie a opravy čerpadiel Warman pre SE-ENO
Miriam Lenghardtová
Rúra pozdĺžne zváraná. Rozmer: D=1220 X 10 . Dodávka materiálu podľa inšpekčného certifikátu STN EN 10204 3.1
Jana Bučányová
23.03.2017 29.03.2017 Click here