Vendor rating

Vendor rating process is used in our company since 2010. It is a process of assessment of the supplier in terms of its compliance with SE´s requests and contractual terms and conditions on the basis of defined objective evaluation criteria and the evaluation method.

The purpose of vendor rating is:

  • to improve the quality level of the supplier's performance delivered,
  • to use the results of the evaluation in the qualification system and when awarding contracts.

Vendor rating in Slovenské elektrárne, a.s. is carried out for the respective merchandise groups (MG), which means a supplier may be better for a certain merchandise group but worse for other merchandise groups.

The vendor rating process is applied mainly to contracts affecting the safe operation of production facilities. In addition, the value of the contract is considered when assessing the need of vendor rating.

Vendor rating is carried out always after the completion of the performance, i.e. after the expiration of the contractual term. Contracts concluded for a period of more than one year are evaluated also continuously, in a year intervals.

Vendor rating evaluation results are sent to suppliers by e-mail after evaluation period is closed.

The following criteria/subcriteria are assessed:

  • Punctuality and completeness, ev. Delivery reliability,

  • Quality:

    • Quality compliance,

    • Staffing and technical equipment,

    • Compliance with environmental requirements,

  • Safety,

  • Procurement correctness.

Weights of the individual criteria depend on the merchandise group to which the subject of the contract relates. In case of goods delivery only the criteria Delivery reliability and Procurement correctness are evaluated.

Individual criteria/subcriteria are evaluated by assigning a value from the following range:

  • 5 – performance better than expected,

  • 4 - full compliance with the requirements,

  • 3 - predominant compliance with the requirements,

  • 2 - partial compliance with the requirements,

  • 1 - non-compliance with the requirements.

The outcome of the evaluation is the evaluation index – IVR (index vendor rating) which is the average of the scores received for the respective criteria after having considered the respective weights. In case more contracts of a certain supplier are evaluated, belonging to a particular merchandise group, the total IVR of the supplier shall be calculated as an average of all IVR achieved. Maximum value of IVR is 110.

Depending on the calculated value of IVR, an evaluation mark according to the table shall be assigned to the supplier, and depending on the evaluation mark the following measures towards the supplier may be taken:





Evaluation mark

Potential consequent measures




Prolongation of the contract

Advantage in the tender

>85 ≤100

>60 ≤80

Satisfactory with reservations

Asking the supplier to take corrective actions to improve the performance

Suspension of qualification

>0 ≤85**

>0 ≤60*


Including the supplier in the List of SE Excluded Suppliers

Termination / Suspension of qualification

* Even if only one of the evaluated criteria has the evaluation mark lower than 60, it is possible to apply the measures against supplier which are linked to the final mark "satisfactory with reservations" and "unsatisfactory".

** Even if only criterion delivery reliability has the evaluation mark lower than 85, it is possible to apply the measures against supplier which are linked to the final mark "unsatisfactory".

In addition, the overall indicator "Average Index vendor rating" – AIVR for the respective merchandise group is calculated, which is the average for all IVR within the merchandise group, gained over the past 3 years.


Suppliers may contact the person named in the contract as the "Contract Manager" for the issue of references to the contract performance.